Another Spotting of the 9th Planet

There is a buzz about the 9th planet possibly existing and it has scientists murmuring. For this type of news, you need to have proof and that is exactly what they have come up with. It does not look like it is going to get a name like the previous eight planets. It is certainly something that is going to get kids talking because who does not like talking about planets? However, some planets can’t be seen using the naked eye so it is impossible to grasp it. There were rumors started by the New York Post that this ninth planet could cause the destruction of planet Earth. It is a good thing astronomer Mike Brown quickly shot down those rumors so everyone can breathe easy knowing they can still see their grandchildren. Almost all the end of the world theories have been effectively rebuffed and were dismissed as nothing more than false prophecies. There were so many fortune tellers predicting the end of the world but when the day actually comes, we still live to see tomorrow which is a good thing. Nobody will end up believing them and that is not good for their reputation.

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He informed a website that it would have zero effect on the human race and since it is so far away from the sun, its emission is dominated by the cooling of its core. It is safe to say nobody would be able to spend the rest of his life in this planet. It is not advisable to do so anyway since it is millions of miles away from civilization. When it gets discovered, you can expect a lot of astronauts to want to go there and check out what it looks like. Curiosity is going to get the best out of them and that is the same reason that pushed them to go to the solar system and find out what it feels like to be stepping foot onto another planet.

9th planet

When Armstrong went to the moon, he definitely knew what he was doing and he paved the way for a lot of other people to do the exact same thing. Even kids had an ambition of one day going to the moon to explore. You only live once after all. There were massive destruction millions of years ago but the world did not play a part in that. For example, the dinosaurs suddenly became extinct but we still don’t know how it happened and it is very doubtful we will ever know why they suddenly vanished. However, everything happens for a reason and it paved the way for humans to exist on planet earth. If they did not disappear then it is doubtful we would ever exist.

The planet is believed to be four times as large as planet Earth and ten times as massive. There is a possibility we could all be moving there if somebody invents a teleportation device that could transport humans that far but that is very doubtful. You can never say never though as we actually doubted the existence of smart phones 50 years ago but we have it now. Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced that this planet nine actually exists as some would devise theories as to how it actually came to be. That is alright as you can’t really satisfy everyone you talk to on a daily basis especially those you have not even spoken to. Another theory suggested that it is orbiting around Saturn which is no surprise as there are so many possibilities about this huge planet. It was even compared to Jupiter which everyone knows is the biggest planet in the orbit. It is definitely something that is getting everyone at the edge of their seats.

It won’t be something that will make people lose their sleep though since it won’t be as destructive as a comet coming out of nowhere. A lot of people have already devised names for this planet even though most of them have come up with dog names.